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What I want to see in a Playstation All-Stars sequel: Characters, Stages, Modes, and more

Playstation All Stars was disregarded by many as a shameless Super Smash Bros clone, and understandably so. The layout of the battlefield was extremely similar, and the concept of a mascot fight is nothing new. However, once you pick up the controller, the similarities end. Personally, I enjoyed Playstation All Stars more than any Smash bros game. I like the characters a lot more, there was more diversity between each character (no re-skins), the game had a lot more customization, it took more skill, and many other things made it shine for me personally. However, Sony Santa Monica really fucked up in some ways. They barely marketed the game at all, they neglected popular fan suggestions, and when those requests were about to be fulfilled, they fired Superbot and put in two playable advertisements as characters. If a sequel were to be released for the Playstation 4 and the Playstation Vita, I'm positive that it can be a hit if, y'know, they don't make blatantly idiotic decisions. Here's what I'd like to see in a Playstation All Stars sequel.

Character line-up is a large factor for any fighting game, with All Stars being no exception. You can have a buggy, rushed, and poorly developed fighting game and still make it fun by adding in cool characters, as seen in Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion. However, Playstation All Stars was developed extremely well, alas was only just recently perfected. Superbot and Sony got some really cool characters into the first game, but there are some great characters that should have been included. Of course, no character should be taken away this time around; they have 24 characters already balanced and designed, the only possible issue I can think of is rights to the third party characters. Here are the characters that I feel would enhance the game the most with their relevance and unique traits:

1. Dart - (Legend of the Dragoon)
Does Sony own him?: Yes
Why he should be included: Sony Santa Monica had him halfway finished as DLC, then scrapped him. The fans were begging for his inclusion and Legend of the Dragoon was a very popular RPG on the PS1

2. Abe - (Oddworld)
Does Sony own him?: No, but they had the rights to him for (cancelled) DLC.
Why he should be included: They had him halfway finished as DLC, and scrapped him as well. He's a fun, unique character from a fun, unique platformer and could have made the game more interesting than it already was.

3. Pyramid Head - (Silent Hill)
Does Sony own him?: No, but they are on good terms
Why he should be included: Silent Hill released exclusively on the Playstation One and re-defined the horror genre. When Silent Hill 2 released on the PS2, it was regarded as one of the greatest horror games ever and it remains in that position today. Silent Hill is an important franchise for Playstation, and Pyramid Head's inclusion would acknowledge that as well as add to the horror representation in the game.

4. Crash Bandicoot - (Crash Bandicoot)
Does Sony own him?: No, but they did at one point. However, Activision will probably ask for a ridiculous amount of money.
Why he should be included: Crash was the mascot of Playstation for a good while and had a massive influence on the platformer genre. I would be amazed if anyone objected to his inclusion.

5. Spyro the Dragon - (Spyro the Dragon)
Does Sony own him?: No, but they did at one point. However, Activision will probably ask for a ridiculous amount of money.
Why he should be included: Essentially the same situation as Crash; he's an iconic face that contributed to the platforming genre greatly and is practically mandatory for a Playstation fighting game.

6. Ezio Auditore - (Assassins Creed)
Does Sony own him?: No, but Ubisoft has shown time and time again that they prefer Sony
Why he should be included: Assassin's Creed was originally going to be a PS exclusive, and even though it isn't it's still a massively popular game with a unique approach to stealth and history. Ezio is an important face in gaming and he would have an interesting fight style.

7. Iota - (Tearaway)
Does Sony own him?: Yes
Why he should be included: There was a disappointing lack of Vita representation in the first Playstation All Stars. Iota is from one of the most popular Sony handheld games ever and would fit right in the game's atmosphere. He would also have a very unique move set, as well as a costume for Atoi, his female counterpart.

8. Chimera - (Resistance)
Does Sony own him?: Yes
Why he should be included: Resistance was one of the first games on PS3, and it was fleshed out into a fantastic trilogy with a game on the PS Vita as well. Resistance was represented in two stages, minions, and backgrounds, yet there was no character. The Chimera could wield some very interesting guns and melee attacks and further represent the franchise.

9. Delsin Rowe - (Infamous)
Does Sony own him?: Yes
Why he should be included: Infamous: Second Son is a wildly popular game for the PS4, and with all the different powers he has, his move set would be beautiful. I also really want to fight against Delsin as Cole McGrath.

10. Cloud Strife - (Final Fantasy VII)
Does Sony own him?: No, but Square is on great terms with Sony and VII was a PS exclusive
Why he should be included: Cloud is one of if not the most iconic face of the Final Fantasy franchise. Many fans will agree that it's the strongest game of the series, and Cloud's giant sword would be awesome to battle with.

11. Old Snake - (Metal Gear Solid)
Does Sony own him?: No, but many MGS games have been Playstation exclusive.
Why he should be included: Metal Gear Solid has always been a Sony heavy franchise, and Old Snake deserves an inclusion. MGS 4 was a Playstation Exclusive, and that's the game that Old Snake is featured in. He's also a badass and would amazing to play as.

12. Sora - (Kingdom Hearts)
Does Sony own him?: No, but Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 are Playstation exclusive.
Why he should be included: He's an important character for the PS2 and summoning Disney characters would be badass. Enough said.

13. Ethan Mars - (Heavy Rain)
Does Sony own him?: Yes
Why he should be included: Heavy Rain is a great PS3 game that had no representation in the Playstation All Stars at all. Ethan could punch, kick, stab, and JASON! He could be a joke character, if nothing else.

14. Joel and Ellie - (The Last of Us)
Does Sony own them?: Yes
Why they should be included: The Last of Us is known fairly unanimously as the game of the generation. Widely recognized as one of the greatest games of all time, I think it'd be pretty ridiculous of Sony not to include any content related to the Last of Us in the game. Joel and Ellie could be an interesting team, with Joel throwing bricks and Ellie assisting in super moves and grabs and the like.

15. Wander - (Shadow of the Colossus)
Does Sony own him?: Yes (I think...?)
Why he should be included: Shadow of the Colossus is a very powerful and breath taking game that took a lot of creativity and talent to muster up. Also a very widely praised game, I think that SotC at least deserves a stage. However, the main character Wander would be very interesting to see on the battlefield, utilizing the horse Argo and that weird beam of light thing-a-ma-hooz.

16. Nemisis - (Resident Evil)
Does Sony own him?: No
Why he should be included: More horror representation (especially considering Resident Evil was massively popular on PS1 and PS2) as well as another heavy hitter should be something that no one will complain about.

17. Batman - (Arkham Knight)
Does Sony own him?: No
Why he should be included: I'm positive many people will disagree with me on this, but Batman could fit right in. Rocksteady has shown preference towards Sony, and right now Batman dominates superhero video games. Using his fists and wide array of gadgets, Batman would be a really fun character to play as. There could also be a skin for his Injustice costume, maybe even a LEGO Batman costume. C'mon, is there anyone who wouldn't want to see Batman fighting Sackboy?

18. Lara Croft - (Tomb Raider)
Does Sony own her?: No
Why she should be included: More female representation is always a good thing, but more importantly, Lara was a key figure in the PS1 line up. Since then, she's been in many games available on Playstation consoles, and the recent Tomb Raider reboot as well as upcoming reboot only increase her relevance. I for one would love to see her go against Nathan Drake.

19. Knack - (Knack)
 Does Sony own him?: Yes
 Why he should be included: He's a very unique character in both appearance and attacks, and since the Playstation All Stars sequel would no doubt be releasing on PS4, it'd be good to have some PS4 representation.

20. Traveler - (Journey)
Does Sony own, uh, it?: Yes
Why it should be included: Journey is another popular PS exclusive, and with so many current video games featuring guns and tight clothing, we need a unique character. Traveler could use it's (or his? I have no idea) sash and dive into enemies. Perhaps better suited for a stage, Journey needs some representation.

While that may seem like a lot of characters, I believe that with enough effort and cooperation from their respective owners they could all join the Playstation All-Stars ranks quite comfortably. Now, as for stages, I really enjoyed the selection that Superbot provided us with in the first installment. The concept of one game invading another really made the fights feel alive. However, there simply weren't enough stages. The developers could have without a doubt included more, and I really hope that in a sequel the devs, whoever they may be, take full advantage of all the IPs that Sony has to offer. Here's a list of some of the stages that I'd like to see:

1. Gravity Rush X Journey - This was actually a planned stage for DLC, along with the characters Dart and Abe. However, despite my best efforts with #ReleaseDart (shout out to everyone who participated!), all three items never made it into the game. It's a shame, really, as it's a very nice idea. There's some concept art floating around online, some of which can be seen below.

2. Bioshock X Tearaway - Something that really irked me about the stages in PS All Stars was that even though we got Big Daddy as a playable character and two Bioshock stages, we never got a Rapture stage. When I think about Bioshock, I think about Rapture. It's a really cool place, too, and would be an interesting setting for a fight. Picture this: several platforms, including stairs, with a sprawling glass wall in the background. Maybe have the 'Circus of Values' machine in one spot. Then, all of a sudden, the finger from Tearaway smashes through the glass. Water starts pouring in, which sends in some Bioshock debris (rusty metal, seaweed, rocks, etc) along with some scraps and confetti from Tearaway. Once the stage is completely submerged, Rapture is raised out of the water and the glass now looks out onto a papery field with dancing squirrels and the like.

3. Devil May Cry X Infamous 2 - Devil May Cry never got a stage in the first game, and Infamous never got to invade anyone. Imagine battling in Limbo city from DmC, jumping around floating debris and buildings, when suddenly Bertrand in his monster form comes stomping in. He begins smashing things even more, eventually smashing the big chunk the players are on and having them crash in the middle of New Marais, by the clock tower. The players will be battling on a crumbling building from Limbo in the middle of New Marais, when Bertrand comes back, this time battling Mundus in his massive form from the end of DmC.

4. God of War X Uncharted - I know that this would be God of War's fourth stage, but hear me out. The fight begins on Mount Olympus, with that badass music from the Zeus boss fight playing. You're duking it out, when Gaia climbs to the top. She stares and watches the fight, maybe dropping a fist every now and again, but eventually turns around to reveal her back. On her back is the tree from Uncharted 2, along with lots of those evil monster things. They jump down and begin destroying columns, that then fall and possibly crush you, but then become platforms.

5. Fat Princess X Medievil - You play in the Red Castle from Fat Princess, when the blue team comes and begins attacking. Then green fog rolls in and Medievil zombies begin attacking the blue knights, occasionally tossing some up and at the players.

I have many more ideas for stages, including franchises such as Tekken, Silent Hill, Parappa, Assassins Creed, and more, but I'd rather not waste time dreaming and instead leave it up to the developers. Now, as for modes, I felt that the first game would've been received a lot better with the addition of one or two solid modes. Here are four modes that I think the sequel could really benefit from:

1: Health Bar mode - Obviously there'd be some issues with balancing, but it doesn't really matter as it wouldn't be the main focus and would be fun as all Hell. Everyone could get 1000 health, and you lose health based on how much AP an attack would earn. For example, an attack that normally nets you 45 AP will instead make the opponent lose 45 health.

2. Story mode - While an Arcade mode is awesome, it is by no means a replacement for a story mode. There are so many possibilities for this that I'm not even going to bother going in depth.

3.  Boss mode - This is getting a little creative, but if the devs are down for it I'd love to see it. Imagine a mode where you go against bosses from the story mode as well as bosses unique to this mode. Polygon man would be a forerunner, but you could include many bosses from throughout Playstation history to make things interesting (Kronos, Dollface, The Beast, a Fat Princess giant, etc). Make it compatible with all four players and you're golden.

4. Endless mode - You go against an endless horde of enemies, each with one life, and see how long you can last. Compatible with both regular and health bar mode.

While I still have plenty of ideas for a potential Playstation All Stars sequel, I believe that that should sum it up for one article. Oh, and of course, get the original voice actor for Jak this time! Do you have any characters you'd like to suggest? Maybe a stage mash-up on your mind? Be sure to leave a comment below! Until the inevitable follow up to this editorial, game on!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

BREAKING: Arkham Knight officially renamed 'Arkham Ooglestein'

In an apparent tribute to Cold War veteran Ooglestein (may he rest in peace), Rocksteady Vice President Michael Toothdaddy announced that their upcoming game Arkham Knight is being renamed Akham Ooglestein. When asked as to why, Toothdaddy replied "Hey waka waka waka hey waka hey". It is unclear if Ooglestein will be replacing the Arkham Knight as the main villain, but the fans seem pleased with either outcome. A popular theory is that Ooglestein may turn out to be the Arkham Knight (spoiler alert!).

The updated logo for the game

"We want to give the fans a more historical Batman story," said Goniloc as he typed this article. "Ooglestein has only been in a few comics since his debut in 1986, so we thought we'd pick up something to enrich both hardcore Batfans and filthy casuals". Gamestop has announced along with this name change that all who pre-order will recieve a code for playable Ooglestein DLC in-game, as well as a skin for the Batmobile that makes it a stealth airplane.

A promotional image released by Gamestop, featuring an ingame shot of Ooglestein oogling it up 80's style

For more news, updates, olives, riochet, and VHS tapes about Batman: Arkham Ooglestein, be sure to stay tuned to Goniloc's Grotto and our sister site,

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Octodad: Dadliest Catch Review (PS4)

PLEASE NOTE: Reviews are intended to gather more information on games and hear other people's opinions before you purchase it yourself. This review captures no one's opinion but my own- you can use it to influence your opinion but you should keep an open mind and acknowledge that opinions can greatly differ. Thank you. 

There have been some pretty crazy ideas for video games over the years, with titles like Katamari Damacy pushing the limits on what's acceptable. Octodad is one of those games, as you play as an octopus pretending to be a human. Sure, the idea sounds interesting, but to make an entire game out of that concept is something not easily accomplished. Octodad: Dadliest Catch is difficult but funny as all Hell, especially if you play the co-op mode. There's nothing terribly impressive about the game, but it's main purpose is comedic, which is very risky to attempt if you're going to make a full length game (although admittedly, the game was very short). Despite the game's flaws, however, I finished the game feeling very satisfiied and I applaud Young Horses for the game that they made.

The story in Octodad: Dadliest Catch really shouldn't be a major concern, but everyone's views and plays games differently so I'll delve in nevertheless. You play as an Octopus who escaped the ocean and dressed as a human that went on to meet and marry a woman by the name of Scarlet. Eventually you raise a family of two children, Tommy and Stacey, and the game puts you through different scenarios in which you try and blend in. Towards the beginning, I found the story to be humourus but a little annoying. However, by the end of the game I was really enjoying it. The story took me only three hours (and that's counting exploration and dancing) so there's no much else I can say without spoiling anything, but the story is cute and funny and manages to hold your attention for the duration of the game.

The gameplay is the main focus of the game, and it is ridiculously difficult. However, that's what the developers were going for, as it gives you a feel of what it's like to be an octopus trying to fit into social situations. You can either controls your legs or your arms, but never both at the same time. This ensures that you'll be falling over, slipping around, and crashing into people and things everywhere. The gameplay is fun and hilarious at first, but after a while it gets stale and a little annoying. Like I said, though, the game is only three or so hours long so it's not that bad. The only terrible part I can recall is the final level, where you walk across very thin platforms and fall off easily... God, that was an awful experience. The co-op is even harder to control as each person controls a different limb, and it's rare that you'll all agree on where to go.

The music from the game isn't at all memorable, except for the music from the final level. The soundtrack gives off a fun and silly vibe, but it's nothing special to be noted. Same deal with the graphics: they're cartoony, fun, and filled with easter eggs of all kind, but it's not something you would see the developers bragging about. The graphics support the atmosphere that the game is going for though, and that's fun.

On the PC version you can play through fan made levels, so if you're concerned about replayability that could be something to look into. However, on the PS4 there is no such feature (understandably so) and so I deleted the game as soon as I beat it. You can go back and collect hidden items or complete silly challenges for trophies, but I simply didn't feel the need to do so. There's very little room for a second playthrough in Octodad, but if you really wanted to, the game is short enough to warrant it.

Overall, Octodad: Dadliest catch was a upbeat, wacky experience that I really had fun with, and there wasn't a single level that I didn't laugh it. The controls get a bit tiresome by the end and the game is short with no replay value, but if you're looking for something that's just pure fun, Octodad would be a nice title to look into. It's certainly not for everyone and it may be hard to justify the $15 price tag, but I'd say it was worth it.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Let's Get Cynical: Why the Second Livestock Project is a terrible idea

A recently announced project by the name of the Second Livestock aims to produce modified Oculus Rift devices for farm chickens. For those unfamiliar, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headpiece intended to create an immersive experience. The idea is that the chickens, who taste worse when unhappy, will grow up thinking that they can roam free when in actuality they are in a small enclosed space. This idea is atrocious and concerning because it would cost way too much money for what it's worth, it's almost certainly unhealthy for the chickens to wear it nearly 24/7, and it literally creates the matrix. No one should have the power to make another think they're living a life they aren't even close to, even if said individual is a chicken.

One of the biggest flaws with the Second Livestock project is the financial aspect. Oculus Rift devices are by no means cheap, and if one is aiming to buy a device for every single chicken, their bank account will probably shrivel up and die. But let's assume that the farms do posess the necassary funds; if farms have this much money and they're willing to spend it all on making chickens happy, then why wouldn't you buy more acres of land? Then, with all the leftover money, you could maintain that land and make it healthy and an all around natural experience for the chickens. Here's the best part, though: acres of land can't break (without massive effort), and the same can't be said for the Oculus Rift. From an economic standpoint, the Second Livestock project just doesn't seem like a sensible idea. 

Another glaring issue with subjecting chickens to virtual reality is that the main goal is to increase their health, while wearing an Oculus Rift device nearly 24/7 will damage a lot of things. There is little to no existing research on the long term effects of virtual reality use, so some of the things I say in this paragraph may be inaccurate. For starters, there's a reason why some video games ask you to go outside after playing for two or three hours. Exposure to a projecting screen for too long can damage your brain and your eyes, especially when it's so close. If you put a constantly projecting screen directly in front of a chicken's eye for most of it's life, you shouldn't be at all surprised if it's not healthy. Also, virtual reality isn't terribly advanced as of yet, so there's nothing to prevent chickens from bumping into each other or into walls, which can also injure them. Imagine you're walking down a sidewalk and you feel someone bumping into you, but there's no one there. I can't imagine that most people would stay calm in that situation, and chickens would have an even more extreme reaction. Also, the weight of the Oculus Rift could potentially weigh down the chickens' heads and cause stress in the neck region. If not at first, then gradually.

Finally, the scariest reason to stay away from the Second Livestock project is that you are doing exactly what the bad guys in the Matrix are doing, and that is creating an entire alternate reality just so you can control a group of people, or beings in this case. Once this is 'mastered' for chickens (as in, made as good as such a crude idea could possibly be), certain governments would be very interested in pacifying and control human beings. I'm not saying we should put all of our effort into protecting chicken's rights, but it just seems immoral, and if history has shown that one thing leads to another with projects like this. With the United States government currently utilizing FEMA camps, I can easily imagine them looking for methods of further control. Virtual reality is awesome for things like educational and entertainment experiences, but it should not be used as a lifestyle for any living thing, end of story. The matrix is a scary thing to consider, and if you reinforce the concept by forcing it on chickens, you can't expect people to be comfortable.

It's no secret that farm animals are treated like garbage in the current day, and I respect that the Second Livestock project is trying to change that, but it seems like a poorly considered idea. If the farmers had any brains (or heart, for that matter) they'd simply purchase more land for the chickens to roam free in. The Second Livestock project seems like a bad investment because it would cost way too much money for what it's worth, it's almost certainly unhealthy for the chickens to wear it nearly 24/7, and it literally creates the matrix. I can only hope that they come to their senses and don't go through with it. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

ERBoH Review: Goku vs Superman

Epic Rap Battles of History is hands down one of the greatest Youtube series of all time, especially if you get all the references. Even two years after their release, I can still go back to some of the ERBoHs and find jokes I missed all the other times I watched it. Today, all the whining fans can shut the hell up because one of the most common requests has finally been fufilled, and that is Goku vs Superman. Hopefully they never cave in to Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson though...

Title Impression

I'm a huge comic nerd, particularly DC Comics, so Superman is big for me. He's never been a favorite of mine but I still have read plenty of his stories and he's all around a great hero. Dragon Ball, however, is also one of my favorite things ever and is easily my favorite anime ever. Both stories are insanely similar and it's clear that Dragon Ball copied Superman in a lot of ways: Planets blowing up and only one survivor sent to Earth, remaining survivors eventually finding them on Earth (Vegeta and General Zod) and becoming superhumans who are bullet-proof and can channel energy. In a fight to the death, I think Goku would kick (regular) Superman's ass, but in a battle of words, let's see. I'm feeling Superman on this one, but here goes.

First Impression

Damn. That... was really cool. They nailed the costumes, which is really hard to do with Goku. Lyrics-wise, holy crap there were some great lines. More impressive, in fact, is that there were no bad lines. This battle is easily the best of the season so far. Superman had a better flow and felt stronger in his lines, but Goku had some killer lines, especially that final Christopher Reeves one. I'm torn on this one, really, but I think Superman inches to the victory. We'll see how it turns out after the final analysis.

Review Impression

I'm still pretty torn. Both sides were crazy strong, and everything was just great. I only wish that it were longer. Overall Superman made better points while Goku had some empty lines (still badass, but weren't really true). I'm going to have to give this one to Superman.

Battle Rating: 9.5/10 (Should've been longer)

Who Won?: Superman

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Character of the Month: Scarecrow

The character of the month is decided by me and only me based on what I've been playing/watching and what I feel like. The character will rarely have any correlation with upcoming/new releases and will be the focus of some artwork, articles, and videos throughout the month. If you don't like the character, don't look at the artwork, articles, and videos. Thank you.

Before anything, I'd like to apologize for my lack of positng recently. Laziness and end of the school year project overload have been interfering with things, but I'm churning things out at (what I think is) a fair pace. To make up for everything, I'd like to introduce a new monthly post: Character of the month. Each month I'll pick a random character that I like and has been crossing my mind and then I'll discuss why I picked them, their best appearances, and throughout the month I'll try and make some art or something related to said character. I'm not sure how well this is going to work, but I'm going to be testing it out with one of my all time favorite fictional characters: Dr. Jonathon Crane, or the Scarecrow.

Why he was chosen

Scarecrow has always been my favorite villain, ever since I first saw him in LEGO Batman. I love halloween and all things horror and I'm also very interested in fear, and Scarecrow is the embodiment of all those things. Jonathon Crane was a proffesor and physcogoloist at Arkham Asylum until he fired for either firing a gun in class to induce fear or performing extreme fear related experiments on patients (depends on which comic you're going by). Filled with anger, he became the Scarecrow and dropped all morals and restrictions he had before and began experimenting on anyone and everyone he could. What I like about Scarecrow is that other villains like the Joker and Two Face are insane and characters like Mr.Freeze and the Penguin are motivated by tragic life situations, yet Scarecrow has no true motivation. There is nothing forcing him to do what he does; he's just evil. Scarecrow explores the darker and emotional side of the Batman franchise and makes for some pretty badass comics and appearances.

Best Appearances

Arkham Asylum: Scarecrow's best appearance by far. Rocksteady nailed the costume, the voice, the fear gas sequences and the classic  'poison the water supply with fear gas' scheme. It was awesome and I can't wait for him to return in Arkham Knight.

Batman Begins: They never got to flesh out Scarecrow as much as I would have hoped, but Nolan did a fantastic job of depicting his evil and heartless side and a cool representation of the effects of fear gas. I'm not a fan of him being Ra's Al Ghul's pawn, but the part where he rode through the mist on the horse was really cool.

Absolute Terror: A two issue storyline in Detective Comics, this was a gripping, dark, and meaningful storyline.

Scarecrow: Year One: This comic explores Jonathon Crane's childhood and shows how he came to fascinated with fear and the anticipation of pain. It really fleshes out Scarecrow as a character and brings that intellectual level to Batman that is always present.

Original Content

Here I'll be posting things I've made in honor of the Scarecrow. As of right now it's pretty bare bones, but hopefully I'll be able to update it throughout the month.

Pictures of my Scarecrow cosplay


Are you a fan of Scarecrow? Why or why not? Who would you like to see as character of the month some time down the line? Be sure to leave a comment below.

Friday, May 9, 2014

ERBoH Review: Rick Grimes vs Walter White

Epic Rap Battles of History is hands down one of the greatest Youtube series of all time, especially if you get all the references. Even two years after their release, I can still go back to some of the ERBoHs and find jokes I missed all the other times I watched it. This past Monday, season 3 picked up again with their latest installment, Rick Grimes vs Walter White. I thought it would be interesting to review each battle for the rest of the season and at the end rank them from best to worst. Bear in mind, an opinion is just that; it can vary greatly.

Title Impression

I don't watch Breaking Bad or the Walking Dead, however I do read the Walking Dead comic series, and one of my friends explained to me in depth what was happening as he watched Breaking Bad. I have an understanding of both series fairly well, but I wouldn't be surprised if I missed some jokes. As for the idea itself, I'm not a fan because all of their past battles have been either against two historical figures or one historical figure vs one fictional character. Nearly all of the past fictional characters can be justified (Mario is important for video game history, Batman is important for comic history, Darth Vader is important for movie and sci-fi history, etc) but Rick Grimes and Walter White are simply popular at the moment. I don't think there's much potential for this battle, but we'll see.

First Impression

That was better than I was expecting. Rick's first verse was pretty weak and didn't flow very well at first, but it picked up towards the end. Walter's first verse was great, especially that 'pizza on the roof' line, that was clever. Rick's next verse was great and I think redeemed himself, mostly because of "while I finish this bitch like you finished your mother". I kind of wish they wouldn't have thrown a Walking Dead spoiler in there, but I suppose it's fair game. Walt's last verse was really short, but had two fantastic lines (I think you can guess what they are). Overall I'd say it's pretty clear that Walter won, but it's still up in the air since there are a lot of jokes I feel I missed.

Review Impression

 After reviewing the lyrics, Rick's first verse was actually pretty good lyrics-wise. "I'm a grade A MC", besides the obvious, is a reference to the channel AMC that both shows are on, and Rick is saying his is A grade. The "cooking up bigger lies for Skyler" line also went over my head the first time, but that's self explanatory.If you watch either show, I'd recommend watching the video again and analyzing the lyrics, but if you're really lost it's all explained on the wiki. I still say that Walter White won this battle, but it's much closer than I thought originally.

Battle Rating: 7/10

Who Won?: Walter White, but not by much