Sunday, March 16, 2014

What I want to see in an Injustice sequel: Characters, Skins, Stages, and more

Injustice was a fantastic fighting game, and even though competitive one on one games usually aren't of interest to me, I had and continue to have tons of fun playing it. The character selection was solid, the story mode was incredible (as is the Injustice comic series spawned from the game), and the graphics were outstanding. I keep coming back to the game, especially now that it's on PS Vita, but that doesn't mean it's flawless. There is ample room for improvement, and if a sequel were to come around in the future I'm sure Netherrealm could make a much better game, and that's saying something.

One thing I'd like to see improved on is the character options. The original Injustice had plenty of characters all with unique traits, but there are some key DC Comics figures that could easily join the current selection. Rest assured, none of them are Mortal Kombat characters.

  1. Black Canary - A lesser known member of the Justice League, but still a badass with a unique power.
  2. Darkseid - Seriously, he was even playable in the mobile game, yet one of the Justice League's main villains didn't make the cut. 
  3. Plastic Man - Although not an absolutely necassary character, he would be fun as Hell to play as. 
  4. Nekron - If only for more Green Lantern characters, Nekron would be really cool.
  5. Power Girl - She's been gaining a lot of popularity and she could easily fit.
  6. Blue Beetle - He could be an interesting distance fighter
  7. Swamp Thing - He has his own series in the New 52, I'm pretty sure he'd fit
  8. Robin - At least a skin for Nightwing
  9. Black Manta - There were no Aquaman villains in Injustice, Black Manta deserves a spot
  10. Starfire - And why not add Beast Boy and Terra while you're at it?
  11. Gorilla Grodd - A founding member of the Injustice League
  12. Cheetah - Another unique, fast paced fighter
  13. Static - He's a very underused character, why not put him in the spotlight?
  14. Etrigan - Another underused character, he could be a heavy hitter with fire moves
  15. Doctor Fate - He's just a badass, end of story.
  16. Booster Gold - Not Green Lantern, Booster Gold.
Considering all the work that goes into making a character, I'll leave the list at sixteen. But those, along with everyone from the first game (including DLC) would make a killer lineup.

The character section was at least well done in the first game, something that can't be said for the stages. The stages that were there were very cool and well done, the issue is that there simply wasn't enough stages. Some stages were nearly identical, just with minor background changes! Here are several stages that I think would be really cool.

  1. The Hall of Justice - Two areas (Inside, outside)
  2. The Hall of Doom - Two areas (inside, outside)
  3. Green Lantern Corps - Three areas (On board, outside but on ground, and floating in space on a platform)
  4. Atlantis - This time with multiple areas (Throne room?)
  5. The Arrow Cave (The Quiver) - Even with one area, it'd be badass
  6. Krypton - I know it blew up, but that doesn't matter in a fighting game
  7. The Teen Titan's Tower - The T building, could feature multiple rooms or an outside battle
  8. Central City - Areas include the lab where Flash got his powers and the street

There are plenty of unused areas in the DC universe, so the number of stages was a little disappointing. Hopefully a sequel can correct this. 

The story was absolutely fantastic, and the comic series shows that there is still so much room for more events. I'm not going to write out a fanfiction for you, but I'm certain the writers could make a pretty badass storyline. On that note, there should be mini stories for you to unlock that follow certain comic arcs. For example, The Killing Joke: You play as Batman against Red Hood Joker, Joker against Batgirl, and then Batman against Joker. With some short cutscenes in between, mini stories could really improve the fun factor of Injustice. We could have a Flashpoint arc, a Knightfall arc, a Tower of Babel arc, even a Death in the Family arc. Netherrealm tried something similar to the mini story approach, but it was just a series of challenges and didn't really amount to anything.

Skins and unlockables are an absolute must in fighting games. No one wants to go in and have everything already unlocked for them, and while there were several skins available to unlock in-game, the number of DLC skins in opposition was ridiculous. Characters as well should be unlockable, because that's something that really motivates you to play through different modes and difficulties. Every single skin currently available in Injustice should be unlockable in the sequel, but here are some skins that didn't make the cut that would be really nice.

  1. Oracle - Batgirl
  2. Bizarro - Superman
  3. Azrael Batman - Batman
  4. Reverse Flash - Flash
  5. Red Hood (Jason Todd) - Nightwing
  6. Red Robin - Nightwing
  7. The Dark Knight skins - Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Bane
  8. The Animated series skins (like in Arkham City) - Batman, Superman, Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Green Arrow, etc
  9. Flash (TV series) - Flash
  10. Beard and Hook-hand - Aquaman
  11. Teen Titans (animated series) skins - Cyborg, Raven, Deathstroke, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy
  12.  Classic - Scorpion
  13. Adam West - Batman
There are so many skin ideas possible, these are just the first that came to mind. Every character should have at least three skins, to balance it out with Superman's 10+ skins.

As I stated earlier, Injustice was a great game and I have no troubles playing it, but a sequel could improve on near every aspect. I know that Netherrealm is supposedly working on a new Mortal Kombat game at the moment so I'm not expecting a sequel in the near future, but at some point hopefully the PS4 will be graced with it's existence. Got any ideas that I didn't incorporate into this post? Be sure to leave a comment if so. 


  1. Isn't there already a "Hall of Justice" stage? It's called something else, and has Atom-smasher and Giganta fighting in it.

    Other than that, I like your ideas for the stages. When you're talking about mini-storylines, I'd love to see a New Gods story, with playable Darkseid, Orion, and maybe Big Barda and Mr Miracle, along with arenas for New Genesis and Apokolips

    1. You're right, I think there is a Hall of Justice stage. Good catch. As for the new gods story, that would be insane, it'd need to have it's own stages though (unlockable for free play, of course)

  2. I'd like to see shorter super move animations, and more super moves per character so they don't get repetitive so quickly. As for characters I'd like to see:
    The Question (either pre-New 52 or the new magical one and with Renee as an alternate costume.)
    Ra's Al Ghul.
    Parasite (complete with power/fighting style theft)
    Captain Atom
    Kyle Rayner (with the ability to switch rings/abilities mid fight)
    Guy Gardner (Red ring with green as an unlockable costume)
    Black Canary (with canary cry powers not sonic emitters)
    Snowflame (as a hidden character or free April 1st limited DLC)

    1. Impressive, Ricardo. You learned how to copy and paste.

  3. Nice read. I agree with many points except the swath of costumes for Batman. There should also definitely be some Kingdom Come costumes as well. And if there was one more Batman costume I would approve of, it would be to swap Lex Luthor with the battle suit Batman wore in Night of the Owls.

    As for stages, that is also where it is lacking. I hated that there were two levels turned into 4 that are exactly the same. A Smallville arena would be a nice addition, tearing up the town followed buy beating the shit out of each other at the Kent Ranch.

    Shazam's lair could work too.

    Now on to transitions. I would have liked more elevate like transitions. Up close punching and fighting. But my one big irk is when a Catwoman or Joker punch you 30 stories high through a building. That pill idea from the story line was, meh, to say the least. The transitions should be unique to character, not copy and paste. Just how the interactables are. Superman tosses the car, Flash slams his opponents head into it a million times.

    Super moves - I'm not too concerned about as I rarely use them. Why would I waste 4 bars to do 36% damage when I can get easy 45-60% with two.

    Onto Characters. I main Shazam, so my fan favorite is there, but here would be my additions based on pure favoritism. In order of want:

    1. Firestorm - his newer costume. It's sick. We need a fire character in this game and Scorpion doesn't count.
    2. Atrocitus - Another ring character would be a great addition. On the subject of Ring Characters each should come with a color wheel so that people can play the color of their choice. "Once a Green Lantern, always a Green Lantern!" Uhhhh except when everyone changes color. Sinestro, Hal, Guy, Kyle, etc.
    3. Black Manta - Just because Aquaman needs some opposition.
    4. Swamp Thing - I hate poison Ivy, but a grass roots character should be in this game.
    5. Power Girl - There should be another Wonder Woman like character to rival Superman.
    6. Steel - Not enough darkies in the game. The sledge would be a nice addition, and interesting to use in combat. So only 6 additions. I'm not a greedy man and notice how no more Bat characters on the list. That franchise is waaaaay to over crowded on this game.

    I guess other than that, I'm done.